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A little "About Us"

Many of our fans and followers have asked about the origins of Victory Cats, what, where and how. For now here is a short answer from JA, the founder.

Victory Cats© is an artist founded and run apparel label. Born during the 2020 Pandemic, we are a small but growing global graphic centred clothing brand.

A word from our Founder

“Bored of designing for the high-street, tired of high-end brand guidelines, its time to do something for the inner artist. 20+ years I’ve been designing professionally for the fashion industry. All those years I have; and still am creating for other people. I needed to do something for my own creative freedom.
Victory Cats became the outlet to combine; not only what I knew, but also what I like. A passion for Japanese and Asian culture has followed me since I was a kid. Anime, Art, Food, Architecture, Culture and Sub-Culture; all fascinating to me.”